DeBolt statement on unsustainable Democrat budget passed by House

Statement by Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis on passage of Engrossed Senate Bill 5967, which amended the Senate bipartisan budget with a House Democrat budget proposal. The governor is expected to call lawmakers into a special session to finish its budget work.

“Today’s budget vote was nothing but a political stunt by the majority party that only creates more obstacles to solving the problems we were sent here to address. It didn’t move the Legislature any closer to adjourning today and it certainly didn’t move our state any closer to creating a sustainable budget or creating the jobs we need to get Washington working again.

“We knew in September we had a budget gap to fill. After a special session in December and a full 60-day session, we still haven’t got our fiscal house in order. This is not just a failed session, it has been a culture of failure dating back years.

“The House Democratic proposal continues to rely on accounting gimmicks that have created continuing budget deficits, like pushing education payments into next year.  It also fails to prioritize public safety and caring for our most vulnerable.

“It’s ironic to me that the failed House Republican amendment to avoid credit card spending had bipartisan support and the Democrat budget that passed had bipartisan opposition.  Yet the majority party leadership in the House refuses to negotiate. They fail to acknowledge the only bipartisan budget before the Legislature, which is the budget passed by the Senate last week.  If Speaker Chopp allowed the process to work as it is intended, I believe we would have eight votes for a bipartisan solution and we could finish our work quickly.

“This is the fifth special session in the past two years created by the failure of Democrat leadership. They have had plenty of chances to bring spending back in line with revenues, yet they continue to shove their responsibilities off on future Legislatures.”



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