DeBolt statement on governor’s State of the State speech

House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt issued the following statement regarding today’s State of the State address:

“I agree with the governor that we must protect our most vulnerable citizens, educate our students and provide public safety for our families. However, I don’t agree with her decision to fund these priorities last. I believe we need to fund them with our first dollar, not our last dime.

“House Republicans will continue to focus on creating jobs and getting Washington working again. We understand that the creation of private-sector jobs is the key to revenue growth, not a tax increase on families and employers when they can least afford it.

“Instead, we must create an all priorities budget. The Legislature must go through a true Priorities of Government process and then budget accordingly.

“Washington citizens are looking to their leaders for solutions, they aren’t in the mood for finger pointing. I was disappointed to hear the governor again blame Wall Street for our state’s budget situation. She conveniently forgets years of unrestrained spending during her time in office under one-party control contributed to our current budget crisis. It’s remarkable when you consider a 33 percent increase in spending occurred over a four year timeframe.

“People want us to adopt a balanced budget that doesn’t take more money from their household budgets. I believe the 2012 Legislature must work together to get Washington working again in order to accomplish this goal.”


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