Rep. DeBolt statement on Democrat proposal to raise taxes on first-time homeowners

Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, today issued the following statement on House Bill 2078, which would increase taxes on home mortgages and make it harder for many families to realize the American dream of home ownership:

“The political theater we experienced tonight with House Bill 2078, which would increase taxes on home mortgages, sums up why lawmakers are still stuck in Olympia on the eve of the 30th day of the special session. Debating legislation to increase taxes on home mortgages and claiming it would solve our state’s shortfall in education funding is disingenuous. If the majority party was truly serious about funding education they would have made it a priority in the $32 billion budget that passed today without driving up the cost of housing on first-time home buyers.

“Unfortunately the debate tonight was more about making a political statement and less about prioritizing education needs. The operating budget passed out of the House earlier today, without clear priorities. Increasing taxes to make up for those bad budget choices breaks faith with the voters who were clear in their directive last fall – balance the budget without increasing taxes.”

HB 2078 failed by a vote of 52-42.


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