Reps. DeBolt and Alexander issue statement on imminent special session

With Democratic leadership in the state House and Senate unable to come to an agreement on several key issues, including a sustainable budget solution and workers’ compensation reform, the Legislature is heading into overtime at a cost of up to $16,000 per day.

House Republican Leader Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, and Rep. Gary Alexander, R-Olympia, released the following statements today:

Rep. Richard DeBolt:

“The citizens of Washington have a right to be angry.  The Legislature knew on day one of this 105-day session that there was a multibillion dollar budget shortfall to solve and that families were facing difficult economic circumstances that needed to be addressed.  We all agreed early on to tackle the reforms needed to get Washington working again.  Lawmakers have had plenty of time to get the job done.  Unfortunately, we are still here 103 days later due to failed leadership and inaction by the majority party, which has forced the Legislature into a special session.

“There is no excuse for the failures of this session, and citizens who are in desperate need of a course correction in our economy and our government spending are continuing to pay the price.”

Rep. Gary Alexander:

“I’m disappointed that we have not been able to come to consensus during the 105-day regular session.  Really, there have been no major surprises this session.  We’ve known about our multibillion dollar budget shortfall since November.  We’ve known that we need to implement policies that help get people back to work.  The fact that substantive legislation addressing these two issues has yet to make it to the governor’s desk is indicative of the failed leadership in Olympia.

“As the lead House Republican on budget issues, I’ve worked with members in both parties and in both chambers to address our budget problem.  I’ve offered solutions and compromises.  I even authored a complete operating budget so that legislators, the public and the media can see our differences in priorities and principles and judge for themselves. Where we’ve been able, we’ve worked well with the majority party.  But in the end, differences in ideals between House and Senate Democrats pushed us into this special session.  It’s frustrating and I believe our taxpayers and voters should expect more from their elected officials.”



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