Olympia student pages for Rep. DeBolt

Freshman Talia Haller, an Olympia High School student, paged in the state House of Representatives recently. She was sponsored by House Republican Leader Rep. Richard DeBolt.

Haller, the daughter of Anne and Mark Haller, attended page school daily to understand the operations and actions of the Legislature. The 14-year-old delivered messages and documents to legislators and staff on the floor of the House and throughout the capitol campus.

“I’m pleased Talia had the opportunity to watch the Legislature in action,” said DeBolt, R-Chehalis. “The page program is a great opportunity for young people to get involved in their government.”

Each week, students age 14 to 16, come from across the state serve in the legislative page program. They must have a legislative member as a sponsor, as well as permission from their school and parents. To learn more about the page program, visit the Web site.




Representative DeBolt and Page: Talia Haller PHOTO CAPTION: Rep. DeBolt withTalia Haller on the House floor in Olympia.

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