DeBolt’s statement on the governor’s State of the State address

House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt issued the following statement regarding today’s State of the State address:

“I agree with the governor; now is the time for bold ideas. Washington citizens are looking to their leaders for solutions and we must show them that we have listened to their concerns and are ready to act.

“While I appreciate her history lesson on our state’s past economic situation, she failed to include the years of unrestrained spending during her time in office under one-party control that contributed to our current budget crisis.

“The governor spoke of bold ideas for changing the way government does business. Unfortunately many of the suggestions she’s made have been short on real reform and long on shuffling state agency bureaucracy. I’m hopeful we can work together to create real solutions that shift state agencies’ mindset to a customer-service, citizen-centered mentality.

“The people I have spoken with want simple things. They want to work and they want us to adopt a balanced budget that doesn’t take more money from their household budgets.

“I believe the 2011 Legislature can and must work together to get people working again. But we should remember two things: First, there is no substitute for government living within its means; and second, a budget that burdens citizens and employers with higher taxes and fees will further harm our economic recovery.”


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