DeBolt says it’s time to get Washington working again

Rep. Richard DeBolt,R-Chehalis today was sworn in for his eighth term serving the 20th Legislative District. During the swearing-in ceremony DeBolt encouraged his legislative colleagues in the House to continue the bipartisan work exhibited during the December special session in which a supplemental budget was adopted with nearly unanimous support.

DeBolt said getting Washington working again is his top priority for the 2011 session.

“As we go into this session, we must show Washington citizens that we are listening to their concerns. We owe it to the people who are out of work to create opportunities for them by making it easier for employers to hire new employees. And we must prove to citizens we can erase the five billion dollar budget shortfall without hurting vulnerable citizens or compromising public safety,” said DeBolt.

“The measures we agreed to in December were a small step in the right direction, now we need a significant course correction toward fiscal responsibility. The responsible approach to state budgeting won’t take more money from a household budget.

“Every bill the Legislature considers should answer one simple question: does it get Washington working again? In the end, we must remember the best way to create revenues to pay for quality schools, safer communities and a clean environment is through a healthy, vibrant economy,” added DeBolt.

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