Statement from Rep. Richard DeBolt on decision not to hold a special session


“The decision to forego a special session is welcome news. From the moment the regular session ended April 26, Republicans in the state House of Representatives were adamant that we did not support bringing lawmakers back to complete the Democrat agenda, which included cutting funding for more than 220 schools and placing an additional burden on local taxpayers.

“At a cost of nearly twenty thousand dollars a day, it would have been an insult to the taxpayers of our state to call a special session to finish up the work of Democrat lawmakers, with near supermajorities, who were not able to complete the 105-day regular session.

“What pleases me most by this decision not to reconvene the Legislature is that the interests of our communities, our schools and our children have been best served. House Republicans fought hard on behalf of their constituents to defeat these measures to cut school funding and raise local property taxes. We kept them from passing during the closing hours of the regular session, and it looks as though we have held them off for another year.

“The fact that the Democrat leaders were considering coming back to cut funding for schools and raise taxes demonstrates how out of touch Olympia can be, especially under one-party control when decisions tend to be made in an echo chamber, without checks and balances or a healthy discussion of competing ideas.

“Frankly, I think it’s best that lawmakers spend some time away from Olympia and more time in their communities with the people they represent so they can get a better perspective of the challenges families are facing in this tough economy. Then we can look forward to coming back next January to discuss ideas for improving job opportunities, creating a responsive and sustainable state government, and maintaining a balanced budget without the need for tax increases.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications