Plug-ins for electric cars foisted on communities without funding

Legislation requires communities next to high volume transportation corridors to install electric car infrastructure

Rep. Richard DeBolt today said legislation passed by the House that would require communities next to Interstate 5 to provide plug-ins for electric vehicles is an unfunded mandate. House Bill 1481 would require all communities adjacent to Interstate 5, Interstate 90, Interstate 405, and State Route 520 to create an infrastructure for electric vehicles by 2011.

“This is not the time to slap another unfunded mandate on local governments,” said DeBolt, R-Chehalis. “I’m not sure where the Legislature expects local communities to find a new pot of money to pay for this infrastructure. They are struggling to provide basic services as it is.”

Washington would be one be the first states in the nation to require charging stations be located along state-operated highway rest stops and adjacent communities. DeBolt also called into question the wisdom of mandating charging outlets for electric vehicles prior to the mass production of electric vehicles.

“It makes absolutely no sense to ask communities to install outlets without any idea what the demand for them is going to be,” said DeBolt. “The effect this bill will have on rural counties and cities have not been addressed, the need for charging stations has not been identified and the money for installation will mean other basic services will likely receive less. When there is a demand for these types of services, you can bet the private sector step up to them. This is no place for state government to intrude. The bottom-line: This is ill-conceived idea with many unintended consequences.”
HB 1481 is now headed to the governor for her signature.

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