Rep. Richard DeBolt issues statement on finalized bipartisan 2019-21 supplemental capital budget

The Legislature approved the final version of the 2019-21 supplemental capital budget Wednesday afternoon.

Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, ranking member of the House Capital Budget Committee, was a lead negotiator and budget writer for this year’s supplemental spending plan, which adjusts the original capital budget approved in 2019.

The 20th District lawmaker says the projects included in the plan are a direct response to emergent issues and challenges Washington state is facing.

“It’s been an honor to help create another strong bipartisan plan that sets the right priorities for the people of Washington,” said DeBolt. “My retirement from the House means this will be my last capital budget. I want people to know how hard the members and staff work each year to put this plan together. It truly is a team effort, and one of the best examples of what we can achieve when differences are put aside and we work together.”

The supplemental spending plan, Senate Bill 6248, appropriates $175 million, $89 million of which is from the sale of general obligation bonds, and $86 million from other cash sources. This spending plan leaves $326 in bond capacity for 2021.

Along with allocations for higher education facilities and a land-use assessment on property for a long-term strategic plan for a new nursing and behavioral health facility, priority projects for the state include:

  • $7 million for early learning facilities and community projects that add childcare capacity;
  • $28.2 million for children’s mental health services;
  • $39 million for remedial action grants and stormwater assistance to clean up contaminated sites; and
  • $19.5 million for upgrades to schools at very high risk during seismic events and other investments in small, rural schools.

The 2020 session is scheduled to end on March 12.


Washington State House Republican Communications