Legislature approves 2017-19 supplemental capital budget

The Legislature approved the final version of the bipartisan 2017-19 supplemental capital budget late Thursday.

Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, ranking minority member of the House Capital Budget Committee, helped negotiate the changes to the plan initially approved by the House in late February.

The capital budget appropriates $198 million in bond revenue for projects statewide, including K-12 school construction and institution and community-based mental health facilities, leaving $13 million for future adjustments.

The 20th District lawmaker says the adjustments to the state’s construction budget continue to support priority projects.

“We need to address the growing needs of mental health and keep phasing-in funds needed to construct and repair our schools — this budget does that,” said DeBolt. “I’m also extremely pleased to see the money for projects to help address the future water needs of Skagit County remained in the final version of this plan.”

The plan adds $16.2 million for the School Construction Assistance Program. Institutional-based mental health facilities construction and remodeling will also get a boost with $17.8 million in improvements for state hospitals and facilities including:

  • $3.5 million for 25 new forensic beds at Eastern State Hospital.
  • $9 million for the conversion of 60 civil beds into forensic beds at Western State Hospital.
  • $2.9 million for projects to address the system improvement agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Additional funds were also allocated for water projects in Skagit County, with $2.5 million going to projects in Water Resource Inventory Areas 3 and 4, as well as a task force to review water uses and make recommendations to increase water supply.


Washington State House Republican Communications