House approves bill providing voluntary maternity assistance to inmates

Legislator: Rep. Richard DeBolt
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The State House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation Thursday that would allow jails and state prisons to provide voluntary maternity services. Rachel Case reports from Olympia.

CASE: In a bill proposed by Chehalis Representative Richard DeBolt, incarcerated mothers are now able to get the maternity assistance they need. The measure would provide mothers with access to midwives and trained volunteers before and after pregnancy. DeBolt says the bill would make childbirth more bearable for the pregnant inmates.

DeBOLT: “That we can help the inmates to be safer in their childbirth, better prenatal care, better postnatal care, and be better inmates which is better for everyone.”

CASE: The bill passed unanimously in the state House of Representatives. It now heads to the Senate for further consideration. In Olympia, I’m Rachel Case.


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