20th District legislators to host telephone town hall


Feb. 5, 2014

CONTACT: Sarah Stewart, Public Information Officer to Rep. DeBolt- (360) 786-7720
Mary Strow, Public Information Officer to Rep. Orcutt – (360) 786-7761 Laudan Espinoza, Senior Information Officer to Sen. Braun – (360) 786-7504

20th District legislators to host telephone town hall


Sen. John Braun, and Reps. Richard DeBolt and Ed Orcutt invite residents to join them for a live telephone town hall Tuesday, Feb. 11. The live, hour-long event begins at 6:30 p.m.

To join the call, residents can dial toll-free 877-229-8493, then pin number 112374.

“This is a great opportunity to connect with constituents during the session. It’s a pleasure to keep people updated and get input on issues that matter to them,” said Braun, R-Centralia.

Participants will have the opportunity to simply listen in to the conversation, or speak directly with the representatives. Anytime during the event, people can ask questions of the lawmakers live by pressing *3 on their phones.

“I really enjoyed this way of connecting with the people back home last year when we did this for the first time,” said DeBolt, R-Chehalis. “I’m looking forward to taking questions from the people we represent on a variety of issues and hearing what’s on their minds.”

The legislators will also ask residents to take part in instant-result poll questions with their phones.

“If you’ve got a question about state government or there’s an issue you’re really concerned about, then join the call,” said Orcutt, R-Kalama. “We’re in the Legislature to represent and serve you. The more we hear from you, the better we can represent you.”

No RSVP is required to join the event, and members of the media are also encouraged to listen in to the call.

For more information about Rep. DeBolt, visit: www.representativericharddebolt.com. For more information about Rep. Orcutt, visit: www.representativeedorcutt.com. For more information about Sen. Braun, visit: www.senatorjohnbraun.com.



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