Black Hills High School freshman pages for Rep. DeBolt

Leif Espedal, of Olympia, experienced the legislative process first-hand while serving as a page. He was sponsored by Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis. In addition to fulfilling his duties as a legislative page, Leif was responsible for completing his regular school assignments. He also had the opportunity to write a bill of his own.  

The mock bill assignment gave Leif a chance to research an issue and argue its case, just as state legislators do during session. Leif argued for the abolishment of the death penalty as a means to save the state money.  

“The page program is an excellent opportunity for students to experience the legislative process in action,” said DeBolt. “I was happy to sponsor Leif and hope that time he spent here was fun and educational.”

To become a page, students must hold a C+ grade-point average and obtain permission from their school and their parents. To apply, visit the Page Program Web site at


Rep. Debolt with Page Leif Espedal


Photo Caption: Rep. DeBolt with Black Hills High School student, Leif Espedal on the House floor in Olympia.


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