Reps. DeBolt and Alexander statement on governor’s call for a special session to deal with budget

House Republican leaders Richard DeBolt and Gary Alexander today issued the following statement regarding Gov. Chris Gregoire’s announcement to call the Legislature in to a 30-day special session beginning Nov. 28, 2011, to address the projected budget shortfall.

Rep. Gary Alexander, R-Olympia, ranking Republican on the Ways and Means committee, urged budget writers to begin working now to find sustainable solutions to the projected budget shortfall.

“Budget leaders can begin the process now. The longer we wait to address the issue, the harder the budget problem will be to solve. Since the Legislature didn’t make the necessary reforms last session, we need to come together and find agreement on what represents the core functions of state government, fund those priority programs and eliminate ones that are not within the priorities of government. We must take early and decisive budget action during the special session so we can focus on the critical job of getting Washington working again.”


House Republican Leader Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, said the best way to address the state’s long-term budget problem is by strengthening the economy through private-sector job creation and reforms needed to get Washington working again should be part of the special session agenda.

“I’m pleased to hear the governor say she believes that job creation is a priority. The most effective way to create new revenue is to empower the private-sector to create jobs. Consumer confidence is at an all-time low, and we won’t see that turn around until people begin to see a glimmer of hope that they have or can find a secure job. We can finally get off this budget crisis roller-coaster when the state’s revenues increase through a growth in consumer spending coupled with more responsible state budgeting.”  Click here for more information about the House Republican plan to get Washington working again.


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