Statement by House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt regarding budget negotiations

House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt, today issued the following statement regarding budget negotiations:

“We are encouraged the governor has agreed to push the Legislature toward an immediate budget fix and to bring lawmakers back as soon as possible to get the job done. We have been saying for months that the level of spending by state government in a climate of declining revenues could not be sustained and needed to be corrected immediately, without putting an additional burden on taxpayers. Every week that has passed since the June revenue forecast put taxpayers at greater risk and has made the prospective cuts more painful.

“House Republicans are committed to being part of an immediate solution to creating a balanced, sustainable budget. We have brought substantive ideas to the table and worked with the governor and our Democrat colleagues to quickly resolve the enormous challenge we face. The protection of services for our most vulnerable citizens and our hope for an economic recovery depend on the success of the Legislature to get its fiscal house in order.

“There will be difficult decisions for lawmakers, but they are no more difficult than the decisions families have had to make in these tough economic times. As state legislators, that’s the job we signed up for and it’s time we get the job done.”



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