Statement from Rep. Richard DeBolt on Senate Bill 6143, the omnibus tax increase measure passed tonight by the House of Representatives.

Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, released the following statement today regarding the omnibus tax increase measure passed by House Democrats:

“By forcing through tax increases, the Democrat majority in the Legislature has silenced the voices of the majority of Washington citizens who want to reform government and change the way it does business.

“Families are struggling. They are worried about their jobs and are doing their best to live within their means. All they ask is for government to do the same. Instead, the majority party is raising taxes by about $1 billion a year on Washington citizens, many of whom don’t have jobs, to pay for state government’s appetite for uncontrolled spending.

“Taking $1 billion a year out of our struggling economy will put more people out of work, take money out of the pockets of taxpayers when they can least afford it, and delay our economic recovery.

“Lawmakers need to hear from citizens who believe this is the wrong approach. This fight is not over, but it is the eleventh hour. The people’s voice should prevail in this fight for our families.”


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