Statement from House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt on the Northwest Federation of Community Organizations’ Report Card on Racial Equality

“As lawmakers we are sworn to protect the rights of all Washington citizens. I take strong exception to the conclusions of this report.  The criteria are extremely subjective and arbitrary. I do not view opposing an income tax as a vote against racial equality, as this report does.  All members of the House Republican Caucus believe strongly in equal protection and opportunity for all, and we will always carry out our duties in a manner that honors the rights of every individual we represent.

“As Martin Luther King  said, ‘Life’s most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?’ As for the members of the House Republican caucus, we will continue to work to adopt legislation that empowers employers to create meaningful employment for all workers, provide a quality education for all students, and ensures quality affordable health care that protects consumer choice for all Washington citizens.”



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Washington State House Republican Communications