Statement from Rep. Richard DeBolt on today’s Boeing announcement that it will locate its second 787 Dreamliner manufacturing plant in South Carolina


“Today’s announcement by Boeing was extremely disappointing, however it was news that came with ample warning to leaders who had the chance to affect a different outcome. The challenges that Boeing and other businesses in our state face to remain competitive are well documented. Regulatory excess, taxes, permitting and labor costs are all factors that are making it difficult for employers in our state to keep people working.

“Frankly, the track record of lawmakers to respond to these challenges has been poor. During the 2009 legislative session, when given an opportunity to fix our state’s unemployment insurance system and bring it into compliance with federal law, the Legislature nearly jeopardized a bipartisan bill by injecting the poison of politics into the negotiations. The message this sends to prospective employers is if you want to do business in Washington it will always come at a price.

“This represents yet another missed opportunity for our state. Now we need to look ahead so we don’t miss out on the next opportunity. We need ask ourselves, as lawmakers and leaders, are we prepared to do what is necessary to win the next high-stakes competition for jobs. For the sake of Washington families, I hope the answer is yes.

“Today’s announcement should serve as a wake-up call for state and local leaders. We need to do better, and we need to be vigilant about creating and maintaining the kind of healthy business climate that is necessary to provide jobs for the citizens of Washington.”

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Washington State House Republican Communications