Rep. Richard DeBolt statement: Supreme Court ruling on two-thirds majority to raise taxes

“We will continue to stand up for taxpayers and respect the will of voters who demanded no tax increases be enacted in Olympia without approval from a two-thirds majority of the Legislature. The lawsuit brought by Democrat lawmakers to overturn the voters’ wishes was disappointing, and we’re pleased the court has left these tax protections intact for now.

“However, we remain concerned that Democrat lawmakers will continue to look for ways around Initiative 960 in order to raise taxes. That’s why House Republicans asked for clarification from the Speaker of the House earlier this week as to whether Democrats intend to abide by the two-thirds requirement for tax increases. The fact they have not provided an answer is, in its own way, revealing and of great concern to us.

“With the challenges we’re facing on the state operating budget, there seems to be more effort by the majority party to clear the way for tax increases than to rein in state spending. Republicans will continue to fight for Washington families who have enough challenges of their own without government piling on an additional tax burden that will cost money and jobs. We can balance the state budget without raising taxes while still providing essential services and caring for our most vulnerable.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Rep. Richard DeBolt is leader of the Washington House Republican Caucus.

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Washington State House Republican Communications