Richard DeBolt

Representing the 20th District

I’m committed to strengthening our economy by making private sector job creation a priority. A strong, diversified economy is the foundation for healthier communities. This foundation offers security to working families, equips our schools, and provides for reliable emergency services and help for our most vulnerable citizens.

We must provide solutions that encourage economic growth. With every decision I make in Olympia, I ask a simple question, “will this help to create jobs in our state, or will it hinder growth?”

Along with my colleagues in the House Republican caucus, I will continue to fight for a balanced, prioritized budget without a general tax increase. We will hold state agencies accountable and ensure services are delivered in a cost efficient way.

Please use this site as a resource to stay connected with me and your citizen Legislature. My door is always open, feel free to contact me if you need assistance, have concerns, or ideas, for a more effective state government.

Rep. Richard DeBolt
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